Steelcase Leather Executive Chair

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Chairs > Leather Executive Chair Furniture Chairs. Manufactured by Steelcase.

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Premium memory foam, breathable coils, and a cashmere blend euro top for supportive sleep. Gel memory foam to sleep cool, and a micro coil support system.

Swivel Chair Body Adjustable tight back tight seat cushion. Armed armrest adjustment type. Armrest fixed. Armrest lumbar
Bankers Chair Shown in upgrade fabric. Northern white logs are hand peeled to accentuate character beauty. Clear coat
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High Back Leather Desk Chair Its back moves as back moves. Its arms move as arms move. Its seat moves as seat moves. Its first that
Standing Desk Is adjustable worksurface that raised or lowered without effort as if it were floating on air. patent

Desk Hutch Diamond match mahogany veneer on top surrounded by mahogany borders. Apron antique iron accents. wood

Phillippe Executive Desk Hutch Phillipe. adjustable glass shelf in center. Illuminated center bookcase. Task lighting. Top material